Have you ever known someone who seems to have a sixth sense, or watched a show on TV or and wondered how a certain character knew something was going to happen before it actually did happen? While some people claim to be psychic or able to see events in the future, the majority of us do not possess the quality. And truth be told it might be the things about you that make it able for someone to act as a fortune teller. It is no secret that many so called psychics get you talking about your life before they tell you anything, and they do this so they can learn what is important to you or to gain a little bit of your personal history. The bottom line is that there are certain behaviors and physical characteristics that give away things about you, even to a complete stranger. So if you are pulled over while driving and the officer starts to ask you questions about what you have been doing and where you have been, chances are the officer is trying to gain information that will allow him or her to dig deeper. One way a cop digs deeper during a traffic stop is to ask you to step out of your car and participate in a field sobriety or breath test. If you do not “pass” this test you can be charged with DUI.

Even if you think you do not appear to have been drinking, here are five ways the cops can tell if you have been and might give you a DUI:

  • Your speech or your eyes are blurry.
  • You have an odor of alcohol about your person or vehicle.
  • You failed to stop at a light or stop sign, were driving too fast or too slow, or were weaving across the center line or even within your own lane.
  • You cannot stand or walk a straight line.
  • You are unable to fix your gaze on and follow an object, such as a finger or light.

Our DUI defense attorneys are familiar with these tactics and know how to develop a defense that works in these situations. We will investigate every aspect of your case from the stop to the arrest, and everything in between, to uncover facts that will work as part of your defense. If you have been arrested for DUI, call us today.

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