Being charged with a sex crime is very different from being charged with other types of crimes. The punishment associated with a sex crime is much more harsh, and difficult to adapt to than the punishment associated with crimes like DUI’s and drug possession charges. A sex offender is required to comply with certain restrictions that heavily impact their day to day living. Knowing what types of crimes require a defendant to register as a sex offender, and what that registration means will better prepare an accused for what lies ahead.

Sex offenders are generally not permitted to live within a certain mile area of schools, daycare facilities, or playgrounds and are usually required to adhere to a set curfew. In addition to these requirements, sex offenders are not allowed to drive by themselves and must also take polygraph tests. This can make it hard to find affordable housing, or to live near your job. Five things you can do that make it a requirement you register as a sex offender include:

  • Convictions for computer pornography charges, which include charges that a computer was used to sexually lure or harm a minor.
  • Kidnapping.
  • A conviction for unlawful sexual contact or activity with a minor.
  • Convictions for sex and/or human trafficking.
  • Committing an act of sexual battery.

The goal of the sex offender registry is to deter future sex crimes in the future. In order to achieve these goals, the state hopes that by making an offender register as a sexual offender with these serious consequences, chances of repeat incidents will decrease. The requirements can be confusing and hard to understand, because there are many restrictions in place that seem impossible to comply with for financial or other personal reasons. But, if you do not follow the rules, you risk being charged with other crimes and facing jail time. In order to fully understand what is expected of you if you are required to register as a sex offender, be sure to have a qualified attorney by your side. We have helped others in this sensitive situation, and can help you too.

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