Florida is considered a top destination for many reasons; the sunshine, the beaches, the nightlife, and….drug activity? We aren’t talking about the type of activity associated with the 80’s hit show Miami Vice, and cases are generally not as “flashy” as they are portrayed on television or in the movies. Another area where Florida is tops is in grow houses, and the authorities are taking steps to try and change this statistic.


At the end of July 2015 police in Florida City found marijuana plants not only inside a grow house, but on the lawn outside. The facts of the story include:


  • An anonymous tip led the authorities the house for inspection.
  • Once there, the police found growth of plants inside the house and also plants scattered on the lawn.
  • The wiring and setup inside the home posed a danger to not only those in the house, but those around it.

Along with the electrical wiring and other  lighting used to grow the plants, the police say the house posed a danger due to the possibility of theft or break in. When a person is charged with keeping and operating a grow house, these types of public safety concerns are also considered. Keeping neighborhoods safe is one of the goals of the men in blue, and this means keeping harmful operations out of Florida’s residential communities. In most instances the neighbors call in the “tip”, out of fear of the harm that can come from a growth experiment gone wrong, or from the dangers posed by drug dealers and/or users frequenting the area. This set of facts can make it hard to defend a grow house charge, but not impossible. The amount of plants being grown is usually one of the deciding factors as to how seriously the State prosecutes the case, and can also impact the length of the sentence. It is also important to know that these types of cases involve multiple charges, which means the potential for multiple sentences. In order to minimize the range of punishment, it is crucial to call an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our team of qualified defense attorneys is here to answers your questions and help you reach satisfactory results.

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