If you are arrested and placed on probation, you will want to be sure that you do what is expected of you, so you don’t get charged with the new crime of violating probation. The key to avoiding a probation violation is to fully understand the terms of your term of probation. If you are being offered probation terms, talk them over with your attorney before entering into an agreement. Doing so will give you the tools necessary to follow the rules, stay out of trouble, and successfully complete your probation. Some of the rules are customary, while others will be specific to the unique facts of your case.

Four keys to understanding your probation, and will help you to stay on track, include the following:

  • Probation is an alternative to going to trial, and for many people this alternative is attractive because it seems more certain than taking chances with the unknown. It can be scary to place your future in the hands of jurors, and agreeing to probationary terms eliminates this uncertainty.
  •   The agreement you reach through negotiation with the prosecuting attorney is subject to Court approval. The deal is not done until the Judge says your agreement is valid.


  • While on probation you will be expected to check in with a probation officer and will be required to stay out of trouble, which means no new arrests.


  • If you make it to the end of your probationary term without any new arrests, you will be given the benefit of the deal you made. This might be a reduction in the charges against you, or a dismissal of the charges.


Depending on the type of case, a reduction in charges or a dismissal can have huge benefits. For instance, if you were arrested for DUI and made a plea agreement that included a term of probation, at the end of that term your record may only show a speeding offense rather than DUI. This will help to keep your insurance rates low, and will keep points off your driving record. For more information on the benefits of probation, what to expect, and whether it is right for you, call our office. For information on what you can do to avoid a probation violation, call a skilled criminal defense attorney.

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