If you have been arrested for DUI you are probably wondering what you can do to defend the case. You may have heard things from friends or coworkers about your driver’s license, or read that a good majority of cases are resolved by the defendant agreeing to go on probation. If you have heard those things you might also be wondering what all is involved in getting your license back, or what the exact terms of probation will be in your case. In order to reach solutions on these issues, and others that arise in a DUI case, it is critical to put on a solid defense. But just what that defense is made up will depend on the specific facts of your case, and how you decide to approach those facts.

Four popular DUI defense tactics include:

  • Filing motions to keep the prosecution from introducing any statements you made during the stop, and arrest, against you. Most people are unable to fight the urge to try and talk their way out of a DUI, and this results in harmful statements being taken down by the police and then later used against you in Court. But if the circumstances were such that the things you said were said without the police advising you of some of your rights, you could be successful in keeping those statements out of Court.
  • Attacking the validity of the breath test results, either by questioning the way I which the test was administered or by challenging the functionality of the equipment itself.
  • Claiming the initial traffic stop was not valid, and thus anything that happened thereafter is not admissible evidence.

.●         Seeking to have any items that were seized kept out of Court, most likely by claiming the search that led to the discovery of the seized item was unlawful.

There are many defense strategies available in a DUI case, and it is important to develop one that fits the facts of your case. It might be that you are taking certain medicines that interact with alcohol strangely, or that there is another reason for the test results to have resulted in a false positive. We have experience investigating DUI cases and coming up with an approach that works for you. Contact our office to learn more.


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