Most minor traffic violations, such as speeding, do not usually result in arrest. When the majority of the driving public gets a ticket, the impulse is to pay the fine and forget about the incident. This can be damaging for several reasons, one of which is that harmful points can be added to your driving record and if too many points accumulate your insurance rates will be raised, and you could lose your license. Fighting a traffic ticket will help reduce these possibilities, and help you to maintain your good driving record. Another potential danger from getting a traffic ticket is possible arrest.

If you have an outstanding ticket, or have failed to appear in Court for other charges, there may be a bench warrant out for your arrest. Judges issues bench warrants when people fail to abide by Court orders, or to show up for a scheduled hearing. What happens after the warrant is issued can be scary. The police have the power to arrest you on site, regardless of your location, when a warrant is outstanding. With regard to traffic violations, this can result in arrest as follows:

  • Upon being pulled over for speeding or any other minor traffic violation, the officer will pull up your information on their data system.
  • If the outstanding warrant appears in the information retrieved, the officer can arrest you on the spot.

To avoid this possibility, be sure you handle all traffic tickets timely. Reaching resolution of an outstanding ticket helps ensure you don’t face arrest for an unresolved issue. Our traffic violation team of attorneys can help you finalize traffic offenses, so you have the confidence that the matter does not come back to haunt your future. Call our office today.

If you’ve received a traffic ticket, call an experienced criminal defense attorney for help. Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help you reach workable solutions. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.