little hands in big handsWhen a couple gets married, one of the major decisions they make together is when to start a family. For some couples this means one of the parents stops working to stay home with the kids. When those couples divorce, it is important for the stay at home parent to understand the consequences of having decided to forego a career.

When a divorce is sought, the Court will make a division of the marital assets as well as make other important financial rulings. If you have stayed at home instead of pursuing a professional life, you should be concerned about your economic future. Some common concerns:

  • Your skills set may be outdated, making it difficult to find employment.
  • Your children may still be at a young age, and require a stay at home parent. This can make it hard to find a job.
  • Returning to the workforce may cause emotional trauma if it has been a lengthy time period since you last punched a time clock.

In these situations it is imperative to reach a financial settlement with your ex that allows you to regain your footing once the divorce is over. The specifics will vary from case to case, with the goal of equitable distribution of assets ever present in the Judge’s eyes. Keep in mind equitable distribution does not mean equal. The Court will take into consideration factors such as the income or income earning potential of each party, and what property is separate vs. marital property. To protect your financial future you need a game plan that works. Our team is skilled at analyzing your needs and advocating for outcomes that work for you.

For more information about divorce and property distribution, call a Stuart and Treasure Coast family law attorney with experience. The fee for your fist visit is a flat fee and we work with you for results that are satisfactory. We put your financial well-being at the forefront of your case and pursue remedies that make sense. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.