dad and sonNot so very long ago the idea of staying together “for the kids” was common. It was thought the negative impact divorce has on children was reason enough for parents to find a way to stay together. However, it is more likely that happy parents raise happy kids. This concept is true even of divorced parents. Providing a positive example of a healthy relationship helps children recognize healthy relationships in their own lives.

Studies show divorce can have a positive impact on children. Not only will kids learn what healthy relationships look like, but they will also experience:

● A home without tension relieves stress and allows children to grow in a healthy way.

● The opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with extended family increases. When a couple splits the opportunity to spend more time with aunts, uncles, cousins and  grandparents can increase. This is especially true if there was also tension between the in-laws during the marriage.

● Kids are able to have more one on one time with each parent.

The short term impact of divorce can be difficult, but in the long run studies show staying together for the sake of kids can cause more harm than good. Developing a parenting plan that fits your particular child and family is key, and always keeping your kids’ best interests in mind goes a long way towards getting your family to a happy and healthy place. The experienced lawyers in our office always fight for your rights while also looking out for your emotional well-being.

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