Often times when a person is convicted of DUI, part of the agreement to avoid jail time involves installation of an interlock device on the offender’s vehicle. An interlock device is attached to your car, and must be blown into before the car’s ignition will start. The idea is that if the driver has been drinking, the car will not start and instances of DUI will be decreased. For those facing DUI charges, it is important to understand the requirement that an interlock device be installed in your car.

Florida statutes provide instances in which an interlock device is required, they include:

● Cases where a person is convicted of DUI.

● Instances where a person facing a DUI charge is requesting a modified license.

Interlock devices can be costly, and are inconvenient. There are instances where the Court will allow for installation without requiring payment by the defendant. However, it may be difficult to establish an inability to pay when other fines and costs are being remitted. This does not mean it is an impossible task, but it is a task that should be undertaken by a skilled criminal defense attorney. Artful negotiations on your behalf go a long way towards reaching results that fit your pocketbook.

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