In early June 2015 two inmates at a maximum security facility in upstate New York did the unthinkable; they escaped. Once officials were alerted to the missing prisoners, a massive manhunt was immediately underway to find and bring the inmates back into custody. Ultimately the search left one of the escapees dead, and the other in custody. In an effort to help understand how the two were able to escape, law enforcement have convinced the captured prisoner to tell the story of the escape and the information provided also includes details of the pairs’ plan for after the prison break.

A news report offers the following five bits of information, as told by captured inmate David Sweat:

  • The pair split up shortly after their escape. Sweat felt his partner in the escape, Richard Matt, was a physical hindrance.
  •   The original plan was to head south, but when part of the plan failed, the two decided to head north instead. Sweat says this decision was made on the spot, as soon as it became apparent the prisoners’ getaway ride was a no show.


  • Sweat and Matt had been planning the escape for quite some time, and had even engaged in practice runs of their plan.


  • The duo did not use any tools other than a hack saw blade and a sledgehammer.


  • Sweat has revealed part of the plan was to murder the husband of the woman who was supposed to pick up the pair after the escape. This is an accusation the woman denies.


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