policeWhen you agree to resolve a criminal case by going on probation, you are expected to fully comply with all the terms of your probation. In most instances this means you cannot be arrested for any new crimes. An arrest for a new crime is not only a new arrest and new case, but also a violation of the probation terms of your old case. When this happens, you will now face punishment in both cases and the consequences can be severe.

Leaving town while on probation, and especially when there are other pending charges or an investigation, will lead to a search for you and a request that you be brought back to face the music. Richard Fero, the subject of a nationwide search, now sits behind bars in Florida. Fero:

● Fero’s time in a Florida jail will be for a violation of probation. When that sentence is complete, he will be transferred out of state to face other charges.

● The other charges include allegations of child abuse.

To be certain, the time spent in jail by Fero will be great. Violating probation can result in an increased punishment for the crime for which you were serving probation. To minimize the impact a probation violation has on your freedom, you must establish a solid defense. Some violations are technical, and may carry a lower range of punishment. Intentional violations, on the other hand, are taken more seriously. Qualified criminal defense attorneys know how to best present your case and reach satisfactory results.

If you’ve been charged with a probation violation, call an experienced criminal defense attorney for help. Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help you reach workable solutions. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.