St Lucie Drug Charges

Many don’t realize it, but buying drugs often carries the same penalties as selling them.

If you are a recreational drug user or know someone who is, WATCH OUT!  The Reverse Sting Operation is on the uptick around Florida’s Treasure Coast – especially in St. Lucie County.  Unlike the typical drug sting where a dealer gets arrested for selling to an undercover cop or to a confidential informant, the reverse sting is when the undercover sells drugs to an end user and then arrests them!  Many people do not realize it, but buying a drug like marijuana actually carries a stiffer penalty than simply possessing it.  And, if a person buys enough of a particular drug, he can be charged with trafficking in a controlled substance and subjected to a mandatory prison sentence even if that drug was for personal use and/or it is the user’s first time getting caught.

Pills like oxycodone seem to catch more users in this conundrum than any other drug.  It only takes 4 grams of oxycodone (total weight of pill including fillers) to catch a minimum sentence of 3 years in prison.  This generally comes out to less than 20 pills.  Most serious addicts will blow through 20 pills in less than a week.

The common perception is that the police are targeting dealers.  This is simply not true.  They are targeting everyone involved in the drug trade from the makers to the importers, the distributors to the dealers and yes, even the end users.  If you are using prescription drugs without a prescription, or some other illegal drug, this is reason enough to quit.  There are plenty of places for almost any budget that are in the business of helping you get clean.  If you can’t find one, give us a call, we’ll help you.