justice scalesOrders of the Court are serious documents. The parties are expected to follow the terms ordered by the Judge, and when violations occur the responsible reaction is to hold the party in violation accountable for their actions. Seeking an Order of Contempt can serve as a wakeup call to a non-compliant ex-spouse that you are serious about abiding by what the Court has ordered and will not tolerate deviations. The Ferraro Law Group knows that circumstances change, and strict adherence to support and other obligations may not always be feasible. However, the law provides avenues for seeking changes to orders rather than allowing for outright ignoring the terms in place. When one party makes the choice to disregard a Court order instead of seeking to have a change made, we fight for your rights to remain in place. One of the tools at our disposal on your behalf in these situations is the Contempt Citation.

Contempt is an action that is sought within your already filed divorce. This means you do not have to file an entirely new case, but just seek a determination that the other party has not followed the orders already in place. The typical civil contempt process is to:

● First file a Motion to Enforce the Order already in place

● When Motions to Enforce fail to get the attention of your ex-spouse, seek an Order of Civil Contempt

We strive to reach resolutions on your behalf that are economical and efficient. If your matter can be resolved without the need for a request for Contempt, we make every effort to do so. But we also do not back down from strongly advocating for your rights.

If your ex-spouse is disregarding an Order of the Court, call us for help. Experienced family law attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast fight aggressively for your rights. We offer an initial consultation at a flat fee rate. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.