stack of booksThe job of a teacher is to impart wisdom and teach us things we don’t know. When that job is taken seriously and done right, teachers can be one of the biggest influences in a person’s life. Because of their constant contact with students, a teacher is considered a role model and we expect a certain level of professionalism from educators even when they are outside the classroom.

When a teacher breaks the law or disregards the rules, there is still a lesson to be learned. A news story of a teacher arrested for DUI early this summer illustrates this point:

● A St. Cloud high school English teacher was arrested for DUI after swiping an officer’s car.

  • The officers were in the middle of investigating another matter when the car approached, and failed to slow down even after being warned.

● The teacher continued past the officers and pulled into his driveway.

After pulling into the garage, an arrest was eventually made and the teacher now faces charges of DUI and resisting an officer. These charges will likely have an impact on the English teacher’s auto insurance rates and possibly his employment. If there is one thing his students can take away from this incident, other than the admonishment not to drink and drive, it is that when mistakes are made it is best not to make them worse. Failing to slow down and resisting the officer are charges on top of the DUI and will need a strong defense. Our team of skilled criminal defense attorneys has experience defending multiple charges and is here to help you!

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