Being charged with a DUI can be a frightening experience. The range of punishment varies, depending on the specific facts of your case, but can include significant time to serve in jail. This possibility usually causes the most anxiety for DUI defendants, and if you are facing DUI charges you will want to develop the most effective defense strategy you can for your case. For the most serious of DUI cases, the likelihood you will be sentenced to a prison term is high. This category of DUI includes ones where an accident is involved, or when there is a fatality.

A man from across the state, in Navarre, recently found out just how severe the punishment for DUI manslaughter can be in Florida. Keanu Medina has been sentenced to more than ten years for a DUI conviction. This sentence represents ten good reasons to aggressively defend a DUI case where there is also a charge of manslaughter. Medina’s case includes the following facts:

  • The level of alcohol in Medina’s system was close to more than twice the legal limit. The legal limit in Florida is .08%, and Medina’s was at .14%.
  • Medina’s car crossed a concrete median and struck a Jeep.
  • The driver of the Jeep died as a result of the injuries caused by the incident.

In addition to the jail term sentence, which also includes a term of probation after release from jail, Medina lost his driver’s license permanently. Probation and loss of driving privileges are common components to the punishment for DUI, and can create a real inconvenience for the accused. In order to minimize the impact a DUI charge has on your life, it is critical to enlist the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney. Our team of criminal defense attorneys has the knowledge and skill to help make sure the results in your case fit the facts and make sense for you. Call us today to find out more and to learn what to expect if you have been arrested for a DUI, including DUI manslaughter charges.

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