16734424_sThe idea of going to marriage counseling during a divorce may seem fruitless, but only at first. While it is not uncommon for some attempts at therapy to result in one party trying more than the other, with the right approach marriage counseling can actually help you during the divorce case. At Ferraro Law Group, we offer family law services in a way that works for your family. In some cases, participating in counseling during your divorce case results in a better understanding of your family’s needs and how to best approach conflict when it arises.

Psychological professionals agree therapy during divorce is good. The benefits to attending marriage counseling, even while proceeding with a divorce include:

● A safe place: providing the party who initiated the divorce with a place where important issues can be raised in an environment that feels safe helps to reach amicable resolution of significant matters such as child care and custody, and division of property.

● Neutrality: trained therapists take care not to side with one party or the other during sessions, thus offering solutions that are unbiased and workable for the parties.

● Emotional stability: when discussions reveal divorce is inevitable, the counsel provided by skilled professional offers immeasurable emotional support to help the parties move past difficult emotional reactions and toward a satisfying post-married life.

Our legal team is experienced in handling your family law matters and is sensitive to the challenges presented when your family dynamic changes. We appreciate the importance of your family’s emotional well-being and understand the benefits competent psychological counseling provides. Our goal is to ensure you are equipped with the life tools necessary to face your changed family status in a way that is happy and healthy. We value open communication and know the ability to work as a parenting team helps your children adjust.


For more information about your options during divorce, including the decision to seek counseling call us to schedule an appointment. Experienced family law attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help you transition from married to single. Your information remains confidential and we take pride in offering advice that is specifically designed with your particular needs in mind.