Going on probation is a good way to resolve a criminal case without having to go to jail. But if you do not follow the terms of your probation you can still find yourself behind bars and will also have to defend a couple of new charges. A probation violation is a crime in and of itself and the act that created the violation of probation is also a new charge. All of the sudden you can be put in the position of having to defend the violation charge, the new charge, and also have to face the full range of punishment for the original case that got you put on probation. To avoid this complex legal situation it is best to stick to the program and do what is expected of you while on probation. This is the only way to receive the benefit of your probation bargain and have some finality to your case.

To have a successful probationary term you are required to follow all of the rules. The top three probation requirements include:

  • Showing up for appointments with your probation officer and performing any community service you’ve been ordered to perform. Any missed appointments or a failure to show up for duty is a violation of probation and will land you in hot water. If you can’t keep your obligation, call as soon as you are aware of your inability to be where you are supposed to be and find out if there is an alternative that will be satisfactory to your probation officer.
  • Be sure to pay your fines and costs when they are due. If you are having financial difficulty, be sure to call and try to work out other arrangements. Simply ignoring the issue will not make it better, and in fact will only cause you more trouble.
  • Do not receive any new tickets or get arrested for any new crime! This is a sure fire way to have your probation revoked and is the most problematic of all probation violations. If you are charged with a new crime you have to defend that crime, the original crime, and the probation violation.

It is possible to have a successful probation. If you need help or have questions, call us for answers. We will explain your probationary terms fully and completely so you don’t do something you think is OK, but ends up being a violation. Call today to find out more.

If you have questions about how stay on track with probation, call a competent criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast for help. Call us to schedule an appointment.