Developing a defense to a criminal charge against you is a fact intensive matter. Only after a thorough review of the specifics of your case can an effective defense strategy be formulated. And, the type of charges against you also plays a role in the decisions you make as to how to defend a case. In the case of a DUI you will need to defend the criminal charges as well as fight to keep your driver’s license. The need to defend two cases at once makes a DUI case unique from most other types of criminal cases, and requires the assistance of a skilled defense attorney that focuses on DUI’s.

There are many different ways to defend a DUI case, but three of the most popular defense tactics include:

  • Attacking the field sobriety test, both in the way it was administered and whether the equipment was functioning properly. This requires challenging the officer’s training and ability to give the test as well as whether the equipment had been cleaned recently or is being properly maintained.
  • Objecting to the way in which the initial traffic stop was made. If there is no evidence to support the stop, it is common to claim the stop itself is not valid and that any events occurring thereafter should not be considered. This would include the actual arrest and charges filed.
  • Looking for other explanations for a test result that shows a BAC over the legal limit, like a vape or some prescription and over the counter medications.

The strategy you use will depend on the facts of your case, and we can help by reviewing your case for evidence that is most favorable to you. We have several years’ experience in defending DUI cases, and dedicate a large portion of our practice to criminal defense. What this means for you is a familiarity with the laws applicable to your case, and a track record of satisfactory outcomes. Our approach is to work with you, so you are well-informed and can make meaningful decisions about your fate.

For more information about DUI defense, call an experienced defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. We offer an initial consultation for no charge, and look forward to helping you resolve your case.