The trial of three Florida attorneys is underway in a DUI case filled with bizarre facts. Three Tampa attorneys face charges that they orchestrated the DUI arrest of a fourth attorney. In a surprise turn of events, one of the accused has already agreed to surrender his license to practice law, and this may just turn out to be an effective defense strategy. The license surrender may very well give the remaining two attorneys the defense that they were not involved at all in the matter. With one attorney already giving up his right to practice law as a result of this dramatic case, a scapegoat has essentially been created.

Three main attorneys are involved in the case being referred to as the Bubba the Love Sponge case, and it arose like this:

  • Attorney C. Philip Campbell was prosecuting a case against the so called “shock jock”, for defamation
  • The radio personality just happens to be a client of the three attorneys charged with setting Campbell up for DUI arrest
  • The theory is that the arrest was planned in order to get Campbell off the Love Sponge case

Testimony has been sparse, as one of the paralegals for the set of three attorneys has invoked her right to refuse to testify against herself. How this case turns out remains to be seen, but it is certainly filled with novel legal arguments and defense strategies. When learning of cases like this one we are often reminded that no two cases are the same. For this reason, we work with you to develop a criminal defense strategy that fits the facts of your particular case. Whether you are facing charges of DUI, driving on a suspended license, shoplifting, or want to have your criminal record expunged, we can help identify which arguments and defenses suit you best. Call our office today for a thorough analysis and review of your matter.

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