Let’s face it, we all make mistakes. This is because no one is perfect and it is impossible to know exactly what to do in every situation. Some mistakes are harmless, but others can have a significant impact on your day to day living. The more you know about a certain circumstance, the less likely you are to do something that will come back to bite you in the end. One of the most important areas of your life where you can never know too much is in the area of your basic rights. This includes knowing what privacy protections you are entitled to when you go to the doctor, which is why your physician routinely has you sign their privacy policy and it also includes knowing some basic rights if you are arrested and charged with a crime.

We all know that in America a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, but somewhere along the way some of the things you are entitled to do or not do have been lost or forgotten. One of the most common crimes people are charged with in the United States is DUI and it is also one of the most common types of cases where inaccurate information is present. In order to set some of the record straight, here are three DUI mistakes to avoid:

  • Believing you cannot win your case because the breath test showed you were over the legal limit. These tests are not fail proof and many times the test results can be shown to be wrong. Even if you are not able to disprove the test results you can still come to a conclusion that is acceptable.
  • Waiting to take action. This is harmful because with every DUI you also lose your license. But you can ask for a modified license or even to have the revocation overturned. In order to do this you have to make a request for administrative review of the revocation within ten days from the date of your DUI arrest. If you do not act within these ten days, you will not be allowed to ask for a review of the license suspension.
  • Talking too much when you are pulled over is also a big mistake. The more you say, the more the officer will have to use against you as ammunition. As hard as it might be, resist the urge to talk too much and just give simple answers instead.

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