Having a criminal record can make certain things more difficult in life. You would expect to have a hard time obtaining a firearm license if you have a criminal record, but did you know a record can also play a part in what type of housing you qualify for, or even the premiums you pay for auto insurance? The simple truth is that having a criminal record impacts ore areas of your life than you might expect, so if you are able to have your record cleared you should take the steps necessary to make a clear record a reality. The circumstances under which you can have your record expunged are limited, so it is a good idea to go over your case with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to find out if you qualify.

Under Florida law you are eligible for an expungement of charges if you can show that you were found not guilty, that the case was dismissed, or that you successfully completed a term of probation. Three important things to keep in mind when seeking to clear your record include:

  • The types of charges that can be removed from your criminal record are limited, so before you make up your mind to file for an expungement make sure the type of case against you falls under one of the categories for which the Court will enter an order of expungement.
  • Even charges that are subject to expungement may still be visible to certain parties and entities. For example, law enforcement and other governmental agencies will still have access to your arrest record even if you have obtained an order of expungement.
  • You are not allowed to ask for an expungement every time you meet the qualification, the law places limits on the number of times you can make the request.

The above three facts makes it clear that if a clear record is what you seek it is critical to first find out if the charges you seek to have removed from your record are of the type that can legally be removed, and if so what the result will be once your case is completed. If you are trying to get a job with law enforcement even an order of expungement will not keep the information private. In that type of instance the best course of action is to be up front about your history, and demonstrate how your circumstances are now different. However if what you seek is admission to a certain school or college, expungement might work for you. In order to find out more, call our office and speak with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys today. We will look over the facts of your case and explain your options.

If you have questions about having a criminal record expunged, call our office for answers. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.