Whether you remember the “trial of the century” and the “defense dream team”, or were too young at the time of the double murders of football legend OJ Simpson’s ex-wife and Ronald Goldman, you surely have seen the recent buzz about the case. Cable channel FX has been running a series on the trial, and recent reports are that a knife has been found on property that used to belong to OJ. Regardless of your familiarity or opinion about the case, the result will not change; and that is that a jury found Simpson not guilty of either murder charge. That said, there is a large part of the population that believes OJ did it and is guilty. So why the not guilty verdict, and how can you take lessons from this case and apply them to your own criminal defense matter?

On American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, there are some pretty dramatic moments made for TV, but there are also some good things to  know about the criminal justice system. Three lessons you can learn from the OJ trial are:

  • Always know how demonstrations will turn out in the Courtroom, and what your witnesses are likely to say. If the prosecution would have dug deeper into policeman Mark Fuhrman’s background they likely may not have had him take the witness stand. Likewise, if the prosecution was aware the infamous glove would not fit the defendant, the decision to have him try it on in front of the jury may have been different.
  • Taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes can help you, which is something OJ’s team did at every opportunity that arose.
  • Credibility goes a long way with the jury, so be sure your story does not change and that you are able to give easily understood answers.

The key to a successful defense is one that includes identifying which facts are beneficial to your case, and being able to explain the facts that may cause you harm. This is true regardless of the type of crime with which you have been charged, but does require a thorough examination into the specifics. For instance, with a DUI you would want to focus on the traffic stop and breath test but would not do the same for a charge that you have violated your probation or have received a traffic ticket. We can help you reach results that work for your case, call us today for help.

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