If asked “what is driving under the influence?”, most people would reply with something along the lines of “operating a car after having too much to drink”. This is a pretty straightforward response, but when you are charged with a DUI the matter seems anything but clear and to the point. Questions about whether you will retain your driving privileges, how much the fine will be, whether you will have to go to jail, and how much your insurance rates will rise come to mind almost immediately. Getting answers to these questions is no easy task and requires the skill of a trained legal professional. To better understand just what it means when someone uses the term “DUI” it helps to take a look at some drunk driving facts.

Some of these facts may come as a surprise, and others may not. Below is a list of the three little known statistics about most DUI cases:

  • Most people will drive under the influence a number of times before actually being arrested for DUI
  • Nearly every person arrested for DUI believes they have no choice but to take a field sobriety or breath test
  • More than ½ of the people charged with DUI will continue to drive, even on a suspended or revoked license

The consequences of many of these actions are severe. For instance, if you are caught driving on a suspended license due to DUI the punishment is much more harsh than if you lost your license from having too many traffic tickets. Likewise, if you consent to a breath test rather than refuse, you may be giving the prosecution damaging evidence that will be used against you. The truth is you do have the right to refuse the breath test, but doing so will mean you have to aggressively defend the case against you. In these types of cases it is vital to establish evidence in your favor and present it to the Court in the best light. This takes thoughtful analysis and investigation by an experienced criminal defense attorney. We have defended DUI cases for several years and know which defense will work best for you. Call us today for a review of your case.

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