All crimes should be defended with the best possible evidence and by presenting the most solid legal arguments. What this means for you will depend on the facts of your case and the type of charge filed against you. In order to make sure the strategy you employ is likely to lead to satisfactory results, call on an attorney with experience in the area of law for the crime with which you have been charged. By using an attorney who is familiar with the charges against you, you can rest easy knowing your defense will make sense and will be geared towards protecting your rights within the criminal justice system.

For DUI cases, there are three parts to every case that should not be overlooked or left out of your defense. These include:

  • Making sure the initial stop was valid. If the officer pulled you over and is unable to articulate a reason for the stop, anything that happened after the stop should not be allowed to enter your case. This would include any breath or blood test results.
  • Because most officers are skilled at stating a reason the Court readily accepts as a valid reason for the traffic stop the next thing you should focus on is the evidence itself. In the case of breath test you should attack the validity of the test results. This requires examining the way the test was given to you and whether the equipment was working properly. If the test was given by someone without the authority or training to do so or if the machine was not being kept properly, the results may not be reliable. It is important to ask these questions during the development of your defense so you know if this approach will work for you.
  • Identifying other factors that may have caused or at least contributed to a result that has been found to be free from procedural testing error. Sometimes over the counter or even prescription medications can alter the test results so if you were taking anything the day of your arrest be sure and let your attorney know the details.

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