The moment Donald Trump took office he began signing Executive Orders. This type of action seemed shocking to most of the nation (but perhaps not unexpected) in that many of the orders appear to revoke important rights. One of the most hotly debated Orders is the one regarding immigration and the acceptance of refugees into the United States. Trump has long said he will take steps to keep the country’s borders safe, and along with his proposal to build a wall along the Mexican border, attempting to keep refugees out of the country appear to be how he plans to achieve this goal. But not everyone agrees with his tactics, and the flurry of pen marks put to Executive Orders in the first few days of Trump’s Presidency has caused not only uproar, but a lot of confusion.

If you are wondering what type of impact Trump’s immigration order will have, here is a three point explanation:

  • Refugee resettlement into America has been suspended for four months under the Order. Entry into the country by predominantly Muslim nations has also been suspended for three months.
  • If a person falling into this category is already in the United States and decides to leave, the Department of Homeland Security has said those individuals will be granted re-entry. However, this could be decided on an individual basis and not a blanket rule covering everyone who fits these criteria.
  • The number of refugees who will be allowed to enter the country has been decreased from a previously allowed number of 110,000 to 50,000.

The legality of this particular Executive Order is unknown in some respects, but settled in other areas. For example, the President does have the authority to decide issues on refugee entry, but may lack the power to deny immigration based on an applicant’s nationality. Our country is one of checks and balances, to ensure no one person holds all the power. Whether any of Trump’s initiatives will be challenged remains to be seen, and some may be fearful of their job security if they try. After making statements that attorneys for the Justice Department would not offer the President a defense in the event his orders were questioned in Court, Trump removed Sally Yates as the country’s attorney general. Amidst all this uncertainty, you need legal advice you can count on when you have a question. Whether your question has to do with immigration or some other act, you can rest assured our office stands ready to help.


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