The moment the officer turns on his red and blue lights behind you after you’ve been drinking can be one of the most frightening times of your life. After the initial stop and arrest are made, you will need to act fast to protect your rights and preserve your right to drive. Figuring out what to do and who is best situated to help you can be confusing. However, if you call on the right DUI defense attorney you will be instantly put at ease and ready to face the case against you with confidence.

You should expect your attorney to work with you to come up with solutions that meet your needs, and to be kept advised of anything that happens in your case. These are two very basic expectations, but if you want a real shot at coming to a successful conclusion, these three things should be on your DUI defense attorney’s list when representing you:

  • An immediate request for administrative review of your driver’s license revocation should be made. You only have ten days after the arrest to make this request and if you fail to do so, your driving privileges will be lost for a period for time. A skilled DUI defense attorney knows this rule, and makes sure to take the proper steps to start maintaining your right to drive.
  • A request for any dashcam video should be made as soon as possible. Many times, if there is video, it is not kept for long. The longer you wait to make this request, the higher the chance that any video record of the stop will be lost. This can be valuable evidence for your defense, and should be placed in the hands of a competent attorney right away.
  • A review of the field sobriety testing procedures should be made at once. A common defense to DUI cases is that the test results are unreliable. This determination can only be made by reviewing how the test was administered, whether the equipment was working properly, and other factors unique to your case.

Just like no two cases are alike, no two defense attorneys are the same. You should expect your attorney to be knowledgeable in the area of law relative to your case, and have all of your questions answered accurately. Call our office today to learn more.

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