With so much information out there about nearly everything, it can be easy to think you have all the knowledge you need to tackle a particular problem. But when it comes to legal matters, consulting with an experienced attorney in the area of interest is always best. Think about it like this, you might be able to look up how to remove an appendix, but you wouldn’t try to do it by yourself. One area of the law where information seems endless is the area of DUI defense. Nearly everyone knows what BAC stands for, and that if you are caught driving with a BAC over the legal limit you can be arrested for DUI. But did you also know that when a DUI arrest is made, the driver’s license is revoked on the scene. This revocation can last for quite a while, but you can also ask for the revocation to be reviewed and possibly modified. The key here is to make a request for review within the timeline, and that is not something most people know.

Three things to ask yourself if you have been charged with DUI, so you are sure your case is defended properly, are:

  • Should I enter a plea? Many times entering a plea involves agreeing to go on probation. Unless you are prepared to meet and follow all of the terms of your probation, this might not be your best option. But if you are able to abide by the rules of probation, considering a plea might work well for you.
  • Should I take the breath test? This question gets a lot of attention, and there are plenty of drivers who refuse the breath test. Refusal can wind up as a positive for you, or a negative. A lot of factors come into play when a breath test is refused, and to make certain your defense strategy takes those factors into account you will need the help of a skilled DUI defense attorney.
  • What should I tell the arresting officer? Too often people try to talk their way out of a DUI, and the result is that the officer gathers information that is later used against that driver. It is best to keep your answers short and polite, without exaggeration.

These basic questions are a good starting point for help in developing a winning defense strategy. But there is still a lot of work to be done. In order to make sure the work is done right, and that your case is put in capable hands, call us today. We have helped a countless number of people who have been charged with DUI, and can help you too!


For more information about DUI defense, call an experienced defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. We offer an initial consultation for no charge, and look forward to working with you.