Being arrested for DUI can have an impact on many different areas of your life. Some of the more common areas of your personal life that can be impacted include your relationship with family and friends, especially a spouse or significant other and your job. While it might seem like your personal life and work life are separate from each other, being involved in any type of legal proceeding will quickly bring into focus just how blurry the line is between the two. In order to make sure you are able to maintain some semblance of privacy if you are charged with DUI it is helpful to know some possible crossover effects of your case.

Three things to watch for at work if you are charged with DUI include the following:

  • Make sure you are able to take time off for court appearances and hearings. It can be embarrassing to use personal time for a DUI, but if you do not aggressively defend your case you stand the chance of losing your license. This is because all DUI cases include a revocation of your right to drive, but you do have the opportunity to ask for that revocation to be reviewed. In most instances a modified license will be granted and this will allow you to continue to be able to drive to work. But if you do not take quick action after the arrest you will not have this chance. This is why it is so important to use what time you have at work to tend to personal matters and make sure you do not miss your shot to ask for a review of your driver’s license suspension.
  • If you job requires special licensing you must take extra care in your case to make sure that license is not put in jeopardy. If you lose the licensing needed to do your job you may also likely lose your job.
  • Some employers have policies against hiring people with arrests on their record, and if you do not take a tough stand on defending a DUI charge you risk termination.

These three examples demonstrate how your personal life, which includes going out with friends and family to dinner or happy hours, could cause issues to arise at work. Keeping your personal life and work life separate is always a good idea, but instances do come up where that is just not possible. We can help you by offering defense strategies that work and that have minimal interference with your job. Call our office today for more information.

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