Florida is a popular vacation destination, and thousands of tourists flock to the state throughout the year. With world class beaches, restaurants, and night life it is easy to see why the Sunshine State is a vacation hot spot. But all too often, when people go on vacation they tend to forget their normal behavior pattern and so can fall prey to committing a crime while away from home. Some of the more common violations that take place while on vacation center around alcohol, with an arrest for DUI or disorderly conduct high on the list.

In order to have a hassle free break from work, and avoid a DUI or other alcohol related charge being filed against you, take note of these three tips for an arrest free vacation:

  • Be sure you are aware of your surroundings, and pay special attention to how many police officers are present in an area. If you decide to go out to a heavily populated place, the chances of more officers being on patrol is high, and those officers will be looking for people who engage in behavior that is just outside the bounds of the law.
  • Remain calm if you are approached by a police officer, and avoid making any sudden movements. When in doubt about whether you are “free to go”, be sure to ask!
  • If you know drinking will be part of your plans, make arrangements for a driver or service to get you where you are going. Taking a taxi, having a designated driver, or relying on Uber or a similar service is always a good idea. And, doing so can really take a lot of worry out of your evening so you can enjoy a much deserved break from work and “the real world”.

You work hard to take a vacation, and the last thing you want to have happen is something disastrous. Being arrested while out of town presents a lot of problems, one of which is the geographic challenge of living in one place and having to defend a case against you in another. If you have met the long arm of the law while in town on vacation, call us for help.

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