Going to Court can be scary, because it is not something the average person does every day. The judicial system is complex and there are a lot of people who play a role in a legal proceeding. If you are involved in a divorce you would expect that your soon to be ex would be present at a court hearing, and if you are on trial for a crime you would expect that the prosecution would call witnesses and present evidence to either the Judge or to a jury. Having all of these people present during your case can cause anxiety and make you wonder how to behave in the courtroom and what to say. Of all of the players the Judge is the one most litigants fear the most, because the Judge has all the power. But with a little preparation and the right defense team on your side, you can remain calm and have a successful case.

Take a DUI case for example, and look at these three tips on how to act in front of a Judge:

  • Be polite and address the Judge as “your honor”.
  • Do not argue with the Judge or raise your voice, but always respond with a “yes sir/ma’am” or “yes your honor”.
  • Take care when dressing for your hearing to make sure your clothes are not ripped or torn, that you do not wear shorts or flip-flops and that your hygiene is neat.

We understand how easy it is to become agitated or upset if things don’t seem to be going your way, but becoming angry will only cause the Judge to react harshly. It is better to take a deep breath and allow your attorney to address the Court on heated issues than to stand up and start an argument. Showing the Court you respect the judicial process and the Judge himself is an indication you are not making light of the charges against you and will show you are trying to be accountable. We will prepare you for what to expect when going to Court so there are no surprises, and most people discover the experience is not as scary as initially thought. If you have been charged with a crime like DUI, speeding, reckless driving, or violating probation call us today. We will develop a strategy that fits the facts of your case and get you ready to face the Court. Our knowledgeable defense attorneys know what to while in Court, call today for help with your case.


For more information about criminal defense, call an experienced defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. We offer an initial consultation for no charge, and look forward to working with you.