There is no greater thrill for a sixteen year old than taking the driver’s test, and passing! A driver’s license brings with a certain amount of freedom, and that is something all of us can crave. But if you have had too many tickets, been convicted of a DUI, or committed some other act that has caused the State to take away your right to drive, you have to be extra careful. Until it happens to you, you might not think you’d ever sit down behind the wheel of a car without a license, but it does happen.

Three types of driver’s licenses that can get you in trouble with the law are

  • A suspended license.
  • A revoked license.
  • An expired license.

Your license might get either suspended or revoked if you are charged with DUI or have accumulated too many points on your driving record. In those instances, there are alternatives, but if you do not avail yourself of those alternatives and decide instead to drive without a valid license, you can end up in more trouble than just the DUI or having too many tickets. In the case of a DUI you can ask for a limited right to drive, and the good news for most first time offenders is that this request is granted. The trick is to make the request on time, because if you miss the deadline you miss your chance. A trickier type of license is the expired license. It is not unheard of to forget to renew on time, or simply not even be aware your license has expired. It is a good idea to keep track of when your driver’s license is set to expire, and make a plan well in advance of that date to go get it renewed. If you do not and are caught driving, you will face penalties. If that happens, give our office a call. We can help with all sorts of driver’s license issues, and help keep you on the road lawfully. We know how important it is to be able to drive, and work hard to help you maintain your driving privileges.

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