Have you ever heard the phrase that some people “need to get out of their own way?”. It is used to demonstrate how sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, and make a difficult situation harder. This is no more true than in the area of the law, where a lot of information can be found online or from friends. But just like there is no substitute for a skilled surgeon when your appendix ruptures or you need other major surgery, there is also no good replacement for a trained DUI defense attorney if you get pulled over for drinking and driving. A good attorney will help  you to avoid some of the more common mistakes that are made when defending DUI cases, and will work hard so you can keep you driving privileges and stay out of jail.

In order to have the best chance at a successful defense, you have to “get out of your own way”, and rely on someone else to help you. This can be hard for people who are normally in control of their lives, so it might help to know there are some things you can do to help. For starters, knowing what not to do is a big help. Three ways you might be sabotaging your DUI defense are:

  • Letting too much time pass between your arrest and making a call to an attorney. You only have ten days after the date of arrest to challenge the loss of your license, and if you let this deadline pass you will not be able to drive. We understand how hard it can be to sort through the pieces of your case right away, but the faster you act the faster you can start working towards a satisfactory resolution.
  • Believing that you do not have a defense, or that the breath test results cannot be challenged. There are many successful challenges to breath tests, and chances are one will work for you. But, if you sit back and accept your fate without a fight, you will never know what might have been possible.
  • Getting arrested again while awaiting trial. The fastest way a good DUI case can go bad is to get arrested prior to trial.  Once arrested for a new law violation, either the State Attorney by Motion, or the Judge on his own initiative can and often will take away your pre-trial release and make you sit in jail until the DUI case is over.  Once faced with that situation, most people would rather take a deal for probation than wait – often a month or more in jail- to have the case heard by a judge and jury.  Even the best defenses often die with a new arrest.

Many DUI cases can be resolved favorably. With the help of qualified DUI defense attorney you can often keep your license, or at least obtain a modified one, and minimize your exposure to a lengthy punishment. Call our office today or start a chat with our online representative bouncing on your screen to learn more!