One of the most basic concepts of criminal law is that an accused is presumed innocent, until proven guilty. In theory this sounds good, but in real life it can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. This is especially true for high profile cases, where the media publishes report after report about possible litigation. When that happens, public perception is skewed, and it can be near impossible to find jurors who are impartial and who have not formed an opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the accused prior to the defendant getting their day in Court.

To prove this point, one needs look no further than to the case of Bill Cosby. The moment accusations were made regarding alleged misconduct, magazines and newspapers across the country began running stories. Now, some of those close to the case have come forward with information as well. This type of information can make it hard to receive a fair trial, but there are other alternatives. The top three ways to avoid going to Court when charged with a crime include:

  • Negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecutor. This will allow you to tell your side of the story, but it is not in front of a Judge or jury. Your attorney will take the facts of your case and talk with the prosecutor about a fitting term of probation or other agreement to resolve your matter without going to trial.
  • If the evidence presented by the state does not meet the legal standard for charging you with a crime, a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed. This result would mean that you do not have to go to Court because the matter would be resolved by persuasive argument before your court date arrives.

Your case is unique, and must be reviewed for an effective strategy. There is no guarantee you will not have to show up to Court, but that cannot be determined until a careful analysis of the facts is made. Call our office for more information, and for help preparing an aggressive defense for a wide variety of criminal charges.

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