Keeping a criminal conviction off of your record is important for several reasons. First, if you can keep your record clean you will have a better chance at getting a job, or renting an apartment. Second, a clear criminal history will make it easier to obtain certain types of licenses or get into school. Whatever your reason for needing a clean record, one way to get there is by resolving criminal charges against you in a favorable way. Another avenue available for you to pursue is to expunge your record. In either instance, the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney is needed.

If you are trying to resolve a case against you and get a favorable result, on way to do so is by agreeing to go on probation. In order to be placed on probation, a defendant typically meets the following two requirements:

  • The accused person’s record is already clean, with no notation of any prior convictions.
  • There is no record of any prior felony charges against the defendant.

If you are able to negotiate terms that you can live with, you can go on probation by agreeing to enter a plea of “no contest” or in some instances a guilty plea to the charges against you. The benefit of probation is that you stay out of jail, and if you are successful during your term of probation, at the end the charges are reduced and the record does not indicate a conviction. Agreeing to probation is not something you should do without careful consideration, because if you are unable to meet the requirements the consequences can be severe. A person that does not fulfill their probationary requirements will be made to face the full force of the original charges, and may even have to defend against new criminal charges. Sometimes even the smallest thing can spell trouble, and your probation can be violated without you even knowing how or why. Before you go to Court, call our office to learn what to expect, and allow us to help you reach a resolution that works for you.

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