Whether you are looking to get divorced, have been in an accident at work, or charged with DUI, there seems to be no shortage of people offering their advice on what step you should take next. Most times, when the need for legal assistance arises, family and friends come out of the woodwork to offer their two cents or to recount a similar experience. While well-intentioned, it is best to leave the legal maneuvering that is required to handle a DUI case to a trained legal professional. It is equally important to pick just the right professional to handle your case. It might seem like a good idea to call on someone who tends to make headlines, or is the target of reports online or on TV. But, sometimes even these professionals find themselves entangled with the law, and the best part about that circumstance is the lessons to be learned from their experience.

A local Florida attorney who holds himself out to be “expert” in DUI matters was recently arrested for the act. Two lessons to take away from this “expert’s” case include:

  • It is best to remain calm, rather than becoming loud and offensive. This will help show the officer that pulled you over that you are willing to cooperate with them instead of escalating the traffic stop.
  • You can refuse to take a field sobriety test, but doing so might mean you are required to submit to a blood test while at the police station. The results of a blood test are generally found to be more reliable and less subject to attack when defending a DUI. So, before making this choice, take a moment to think about what is best for you.

Field sobriety tests can be challenged on several grounds; such as improper maintenance of the equipment, improper procedure in administering the test, or the existence of legal substances that tend to “read” as if they were alcohol. We are experienced at identifying the facts of your case that are helpful to your defense, and will work with you to develop a defense strategy that fits. Call our office today to talk with one of our qualified DUI defense attorneys.

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