Now that the Presidential election is over, some of you may have been hoping for an end to the media frenzy. But, that has not been the case. In fact, there seem to be more reports now than during the campaign and many of them are casting a shadow over the Trump Administration. One of the most recent stories surrounds Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the ongoing allegations about Trump ties to Russia.

It is no secret that Democrats have claimed Trump’s personal, political, and financial ties to Russia are improper; but now the country’s highest-ranking legal official is also under fire. Here are two things to know about Jeff Sessions, and the Russia scandal:

  • Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren have called for the resignation of Sessions, claiming an independent investigation is needed to determine the extent of President Trump’s ties to Russia.
  • Other leaders have demanded Sessions recuse himself from any investigation by the FBI into the President’s Russian connections.

This sounds simple enough, but there is likely a whole lot more to this story and only time will reveal all the facts. But, on the issue of recusal, it is important to know that when any party to a legal proceeding has an interest in the proceeding, they should not remain involved in the action. Removing oneself as an active player in a case is done through a process called recusal. We see this most typically in our practice with Judges and when it is appropriate, a Judge’s recusal from the case is the proper remedy. Recusal ensures an impartial proceeding, which should be expected by all parties to a legal matter. Whether you have been arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, a violation of probation, or have questions about what to do when you receive a speeding ticket; we can help. Our office focuses a large part of its practice in these areas of criminal defense, and makes sure to explore every aspect of your case to make sure the proper procedures are followed. Let us help you today. Call to find out more.

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