It is pretty common knowledge that if you agree to go on probation to resolve a criminal case against you, you have to do certain things. You also have to refrain from doing certain things, like getting into more trouble. If you are caught doing something you are not supposed to do, such as staying out past curfew or failing to take Court ordered rehab courses; or if you do something you are not supposed to do, like get arrested for a new crime, your probation can be revoked. When probation is revoked the defendant has to figure out how to resolve the original case against them, defend the new case charges, and also defend the probation violation charge. This can be a lot to take in, but with the right criminal defense attorney by your side you can get through this process.

But there are some things you need to know about probation violations when you are helping to develop your defense, because this type of crime is different from other crimes. Two unique facts about probation violations are:

  • You do not get to present your case to a jury. The judge will decide whether you are guilty of a violation, and this can be somewhat scary for some people. Facing a Judge can be intimidating, but we are not afraid to put on an aggressive defense for you to the Judge.
  • The prosecution does not have to meet as high of a burden of proof as they do in other types of criminal cases. This can make it difficult to defeat their proof, but that does not mean it cannot be done or that satisfactory results are out of reach.

The best thing you can do if you are placed on probation is to make sure you understand all of the terms. If you have a question, ask your attorney. A skilled attorney will be able to not only negotiate terms you can live with, but will also be able to explain those terms to you clearly. Our team of criminal defense attorneys is ready to help you with a successful probation today, and can also help if you have been charged with a probation violation.

For help with probation or probation violations, call our office to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney. We help people charged with all sorts of crimes in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. Call today to schedule an appointment.