The biggest incentive for staying out of trouble with the law is staying out of jail. Many criminal charges carry with them the chance that the defendant may spend some time behind bars, and this is not a nice thought for most people. The more serious the crime, the more likely the defendant will be sentenced to jail. But in a lot of cases there are alternatives. One of the most common criminal charges is that of DUI, and in a majority of DUI cases the driver can defend the case while avoiding incarceration.

The first thing to do if you have been charged with DUI is to call a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney for help. Chances are you will have to do this after bonding out of jail, and spending even a few hours of your night in a cell is enough to make you want to ensure that your case does not wind up with you back inside the jailhouse walls. In Florida, the law does include ways to keep you out of jail if you have been arrested for DUI. In some cases these alternatives are only available for a first time offender, but the issue is important enough to discuss two ways to stay out of jail for a DUI, such as:

  • Agreeing to go on probation. When you make this agreement you are essentially allowed to serve out your sentence outside of jail. You will have to follow the rules of your probation, and if you are successful you will get the benefit of having the charges reduced or maybe even dismissed at the end of the probationary term. The reason the State agrees to this scheme is because there is still an element of punishment being handed down, but it is done without making you go to jail as part of that punishment. You will probably have to have an interlock device installed in your car, and you may even have to attend DUJI school or perform some sort of “community service”. Most importantly, you will not be allowed to get any new tickets or have any new arrests made while you are on probation. If you area able to stick to the terms, you can stay out of jail and resolve your DUI case while still going to work or school.
  • The Court has the option of ordering you to an in house treatment program, which gives you “credit” in the form of time served. The more hours you complete, the less time you would be required to spend in jail. Many times the programs can eliminate the entire sentence, or at the very least significantly reduce the jail term.

If you have been arrested for DUI and would like to explore your options, and especially those options that allow you to avoid going to jail, call our office and talk with a DUI defense attorney today. We will let you know what to expect, and help you make a decision that meets your needs.

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