The moment the red and blue lights of a patrol car flash in your rearview mirror can cause your heart to skip a beat. Receiving a traffic ticket, no matter how minor it seems, is never a good experience. Speeding tickets can cost a lot, can require you to go to Court, and can also mean your insurance rates will rise. Most people think simply paying the ticket is the fastest and easiest way to put the matter behind them, but there are serious consequences to taking this approach. Too many tickets on your driving record can place your right to drive in jeopardy, but putting on tough defense to even the smallest of speeding tickets will help keep your record clean and keep you on the road.

The Habitual Traffic Offender List is something the State takes very seriously. If your name appears on this list you can lose your license for up to five years. Knowing what types of things will land you on this list will allow you to take the steps necessary to keep your license, and the below short list contains the two most common ways driver are classified as a habitual traffic offender:

  • Racking up fifteen or more tickets for moving violations that add points to your record. This might include speeding, reckless driving, or DUI. If any of these types of tickets result in a conviction, points will be added to your driving record. Once you reach a certain number of convictions, you are legally defined as a habitual traffic offender and face loss of your driving privileges.
  • Having three or more tickets for more serious offenses, such as involuntary manslaughter or driving on a suspended license.

In either of these two situations you can lose your license for up to five years. Being without a driver’s license for this amount of time would make it very hard for you to meet your daily obligations. Not only would you be unable to drive to and from work, but you would also not be able to take your kids to school or to any of their after school activities. This hardship can create significant tension within a family and can also take an emotional toll on you personally. This is why fighting every traffic ticket you receive is critical. A successful defense to a speeding ticket or DUI will keep harmful points off of your record and help you maintain the ability to drive.

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