This question is one that most drivers want answered. However, there is no real answer to this question because every case is different. The key to a successful DUI defense is not trying to figure out the hardest part of the case and then find a solution, but rather the key is gather all of the information and come up with a strategy that fits the facts. And, because no two cases have the same set of facts, no two results will be identical.

Some good examples of how cases differ, and what issues are sometimes considered the “hardest” issues in a DUI case are:

  • The reason for the initial traffic stop is not the same for every case, so the approach taken when investigating whether the stop was valid will not be the same in every case.
  • The BAC varies from driver to driver, so the willingness of the prosecution to offer reasonable resolutions may also vary from case to case.
  • Breath and blood tests are not administered by the same official in every case, requiring a tailor made approach necessary when attacking the test results.
  • Some drivers have unique medical conditions or are taking prescriptions when they are pulled over. This fact can lead to a different type of defense than for a driver not suffering from any medical affliction or taking a prescription drug.
  • Not all DUI cases involve only alcohol, sometimes drugs come into play and that makes it necessary to develop a defense to those charges in addition to the charge of DUI.
  • Some cases are for first time offenders while others are for repeat offenders. If you are a first time offender it is more likely you will enjoy more leniency than for a subsequent offender.

Whatever the facts of your case, we can help. We have experience with a wide range of factual circumstances and have helped people in any number of situations. If you have been arrested for DUI and have questions, call us for answers. We will work with you and together reach results that fit the facts.

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